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International Maritime Defence Exhibition And Conference 2023

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

The 13th International Maritime Defence Exhibition and Conference (IMDEX) Asia commenced on the 3rd of May 2023 after a 4-year Hiatus prior to the pandemic. The event kicked off with an opening address by the Chairman of EXPERIA, Mr. Ravinder Singh, and Minister for Defence, Dr. Ng Eng Hen. Imdex which is a biennial event runs from the 3rd to the 5th of May. 250 companies from 25 different countries participated in this year’s exhibition. Also in attendance at the event were 22 Navy Chiefs, Coast Guard Directs as well as several Heads of Maritime Law Enforcement Agencies from over 40 different countries. In addition to that, some 11,000 trade attendees from over 60 different countries attended the event. 22 warships from 13 countries will be exhibiting their ships at Changi Naval Base

The global COVID-19 pandemic has caused the naval and maritime industry to face significant challenges ranging from increasing cybersecurity threats to disrupted supply chains. Despite all these challenges, Singapore’s strategic position as an international maritime gateway remains unwavering.

The International Maritime Security Conference (IMSC) sits at the center of IMDEX Asia. The conference aims to facilitate important exchanges among naval and maritime leaders. Several notable conference moderators include Professor Tommy Koh, Former President of the UN Conference on the Law of the Sea, and Professor Geoffrey Till, Advisor to the Maritime Security Programme at the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies. The conference aims to facilitate insightful discussions on challenges facing the Naval and Maritime industries/sectors.

This year saw the launch of the first-ever IMDEX Asia Innovation Challenge which was launched in partnership with Starburst, a global aerospace and defense startup accelerator. The challenge hopes to scout startups within the naval and maritime defense, focusing on areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Maritime Maintenance Overhaul, and sustainability.

Pavilions from 8 countries would be featured at IMDEX Asia 2023. Denmark, Italy, and the USA would be presenting their pavilions for the first time, while Singapore showcases its largest pavilion to date. 16 companies would be demonstrating and showing off the latest advancements in maritime and unmanned innovations.

IMDEX Asia aims to nurture new talent with the development of a new robust talent pipeline. The 2023 talent campus saw the attendance of 600 students from 11 secondary and tertiary institutions. Institutions such as the Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore University of Technology and Design, and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University will share maritime-related courses with the students, hoping to cultivate their interest, knowledge, and growth.

The return of IMDEX after a 4-year hiatus has been a great success. IMDEX 2023 was attended by a wide variety of companies, trade attendees, and heads of Maritime Law Enforcement Agencies from all over the world. A notable addition to the event was the debut of the first-ever IMDEX Asia Innovation Challenge in collaboration with Starburst. The conference's objective of fostering crucial discussions among navy and marine officials was also accomplished thanks to noteworthy moderators including Professor Tommy Koh and Professor Geoffrey Till. Overall, IMDEX Asia 2023 proved to be a valuable platform for the exchange of ideas and innovations in the naval and maritime industry.

(Photos by Sebastian Ng & Keiran Nathanael )



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