EVA Air BR226

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

BR226 (SIN - TPE)

Plane Type: Boeing 777-36NER

Registry: B-16709

Class: Economy

Seat: 62A

Layout: 3x3x3

Reviewer: Malcolm Lu

Date: Nov 4th 2015

Presenting a simple review of my inflight experience onboard EVA Air, one of Taiwan's International Carriers. Just a bit of a backstory, I am not a newcomer onboard EVA. My first flight with them was back in 1996 when I was 14 years old. That was, of course, my first solo flight and was kinda nervous. Back then, EVA still operated 747-400M Combi models and I was fortunate to have taken one for my first solo flight. The Air Crew were very nice and kindly upgraded me to premium economy, and also took extra care of me as it was my first time flying alone, and was kinda nervous. Since that time, EVA has grown and expanded, modernising their fleet with the B777-300ER, A330s and upcoming 787s. Their service is as always, attentive and warm-hearted, which truly reflects the spirit and culture of Taiwan. 

Now the plane that was assigned for my recent trip was B-16709, an almost 8-year-old Boeing 777-300ER. The exterior of the plane recently underwent repainting, removing the traditional Chinese characters from the billboard title logo on the hull. The interior features 38 flatbed Royal Laurel (Business Class) seats, 64 Elite (Premium Economy) Recliner Seats, and 211 Economy Recliner Seating. My assigned seat was 62A, just behind the wing of the plane. 

The flight was overall enjoyable, the seats were comfortable and space was adequate for an economy class ticket. 

The food was great, it was quite tasty and my only wish was I could get 2nd servings. I ordered the mashed potato with chicken chop and veggie sides, which is also served with bread, a salad appetiser, fruits and a chocolate cake for dessert. Drinks included Tea/ coffee and one other choice of beverage.  :) The flight attendants were well mannered, very well trained and always serving you with a warm smile and Taiwanese friendliness.