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10 Questions With


(SEPT 20 2020)

Welcome to “10 Questions With”, a weekly segment on APP's website showcasing aviation spotters & enthusiasts based in Singapore. The concept and motivation behind this project is to bring the community together, and to shine a light on all the different spotters here on our sunny island, raising awareness of our hobby in Singapore and to provide a chance for all spotters to be seen both locally & internationally.


Today, let's chat with Herman Seville, a Singapore based spotter with 4 years experience under his belt.

1: A quick self intro, name, where are you from, and what do you do?

Hello , I am Herman and I am currently a student studying Diploma in Aviation and Travel Operations. I love all things aviation since 2006 until now. I started photographing planes from 2016 onwards.

2: What sparked your interest in aviation?

Honestly speaking, Air Crash Investigation series was "responsible" of making me curious about aviation back in 2006. From learning the different types of aircrafts involved in the accidents, from there I decided to head over the internet and explore the wide variety of aircrafts from both military and civilian. That interest never dies and I would often head to the library and read up more on Airplanes. Eventually I would ask my dad to bring me to Changi Airport Terminal 1 and 3 Viewing malls and to the beach to watch planes. 


3: What's the story behind your Instagram name? Any Significant meaning etc?

Skywayatari is my Instagram account. Before I have my own account on aviation related contents, I have been thinking really hard what good name I should give the account a good start. Skyway is a really nice name to give. Touching up on the random nickname at the end I would add is "Atari", the nickname I gave on the Boeing 757. Despite spotters calling the 757s ," The Pencil", I still think it deserves a nicer and a more female name to it and so that's when I decided to give Atari as the nickname on the Boeing 757s.

4: Fave Airline & Aircraft type is....?

It has to be Garuda Indonesia. I am born Indonesian. I just love the changes they made throughout all these years. My favourite aircraft is the Boeing 757. Its small, humble and a simple airliner that just make itself unique.

5: Best spotting location in your opinion?

Best spotting location? I still feel every place is unique in their own ways. However I do wish to visit Saint Martin Airport one fine day and experience the excitement of seeing jets making their super low approaches passing the beach.

6: Window, Middle or Aisle Seat?

Window seat most definitely my friends.

7: Looking back, any tips or advice you would give your younger self?

I would honestly tell my younger self to study harder and be happy doing the things you love.

8: out Of all your images, which is your fave photo and tell us why?

Fav photo? I definitely will have to say this shot of Garuda's A330 bearing the Skyteam livery. It shows us how proud she look wearing and representing one of the many Skyteam Alliance operators. The weather that day was also perfect for her arrival. If only it came a retro.

9 :Must have items in your bag while spotting?

Must have items I would have in my bag is my portable charger, spare SD Card and most importantly my umbrella.

10: If there is one thing that sets you apart from the next spotter, what would it be?

Everyone is unique in their own ways. As an introvert myself, I hardly socialise with people and I am always out alone spotting on my own but I would love to make new friends along the way in the hobby I am in right now.

I am happy and grateful I met lots of amazing people in this community. One piece of advice I would give to all of you is that never to feel left out or dishearten when you missed a special, good things come to those who wait.

That's all for this weeks edition of our Spotter Feature. Do head over to Herman's profile on his Instagram , and stay tuned for next's week interview!

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