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Featured Spotter Of The Month (Oct'22)

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Following on the success of our weekly “10 Questions With” segment, our team at APP have started up a new Monthly Spotter Feature on our website and Instagram profile, showcasing aviation enthusiasts based in Singapore and abroad. The concept and motivation behind this project is to bring the community closer together, and to shine a light on the community we coexist in with hopes of raising awareness with regards to our hobby and to provide a chance for all spotters to be seen both locally & internationally.


This month's Featured Spotter shines a spotlight on young 14 year old Goh Sze Han, a Singaporean spotter we have had the pleasure to know recently. Sze Han features his aviation photos mainly on Instagram , so do check out his profile as well!

Self Introduction

Hello, you are..?

Hi! I’m SzeHan and I’m a student in Secondary School from Singapore. I spot planes mainly at Singapore’s Changi Airport.

Share some fun facts about yourself!

Not only am I an Aviation enthusiast, i am also a competitive swimmer.

When did you begin spotting

I started spotting on the 31st October of 2021

What motivates you to spot? What keeps you interested in plane spotting?

The thing that motivates me to spot is meeting my spotting friends . My love for aviation and viewing planes keep me interested in planespotting.

Gear Talk

What gear (camera + lens) do you use?

I currently use a Canon EOS550D with the 18-135mm + 55-250mm.

What photo editing tools do you use, which is your favourite?

I currently use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. However, both are the basic version and not the premium version. My favourite editing software is Adobe Lightroom

Would you like to share some tips on how to perform photo editing?

Go with what you are confident with.

Love for Airplanes

What is your favourite?

Aircraft : The Airbus A350-900

Airline: Either Singapore Airlines or All Nippon Airways! Both are equally as good!

Livery: Definitely the ANA BB8 that has been removed or the ANA R2D2 livery

Airport and spotting location: My favorite airport is Singapore Changi Airport, However, my favorite spotting location is definitely Mai Khao Beach in Phuket! I highly recommend going there to plane spot towards the end of the year as you get very close to the planes when they are landing and can feel the jet blast of planes when they are taking off!

What is your most interesting or insane experience you have while spotting?

The most insane experience i had while spotting was when i was in Phuket, when the local police helped me to check what planes were coming in when my phone was low on battery.

Which shots are you most proud of?

To Round Of

What is the one thing, one valuable lesson you learnt through plane spotting?

A valuable lesson ive learnt through plane spotting is to get my priorities straight, to focus on studies more than plane spotting.

What tips would you give to aspiring spotters?

Come on and join plane spotting! However, don’t let plane spotting affect your studies or work life.



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