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We have seen them in their prime and pristine. But seldom do we witness them at the end of their service life, laying as waste. Though most are turned to rubble and rust, these 3 magnificent hulks have found new purpose for the locals in Bangkok City. This is a visual exploration of an airplane graveyard, in the heart of a city, showcasing how 3 airplanes have been transformed by time and by people around them.

At Ramkhamhaeng Road in Bangkok, a derelict Boeing 747 and 2 MD80s stands on an empty plot of land, slowing rotting away as nature & time wears down the once magnificent airplanes. These beauties, once flew up in the skies, bringing people to distant places. Now, they serve as makeshift shelter to the homeless living there, providing shade and what little comfort possible for them.

With their wings clipped, these once magnificent airplanes now provide solace to those around them, allowing the people without shelter to have one. Be it as it may, this yard has become home.



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