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Singapore Airshow 2024 - Coming Back with a Bang

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

This article is posted with credits to the Singapore Airshow Media Team and Experia Events for providing the details to us.


In less than 3 months time, the long anticipated Singapore Airshow will once again be held at the Changi Exhibition Centre from 20 - 25 February 2024. After 4 years of being downscaled due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Experia team is ready to launch the 9th edition of the largest, asian based aerospace and defence exhibition in full force. With more than a thousand participating companies from over 50 countries, the airshow boosts some of the largest aviation giants like Airbus, Boeing, General Electric Aerospace, Rolls-Royce, Thales and Lockheed Martin.

In anticipation for the upcoming event, here is a summary look at what everyone could expect at the Singapore Airshow 2024.

The Theme of Sustainability

In line with increasing dire climate change situation that the world is facing, the Singapore Airshow 2024 has partnered with McKinsey & Company to launch the Sustainable Aviation Forum, as part of its AeroForum series. In this forum, aviation and industry experts share their thoughts and take a deep dive analysis on regulations, research and development, innovations and other important topics in the sustainable aviation sector, including the prospects of decarbonising the industry and the introduction of SAFs or sustainable aviation fuels.

The airshow is collaborating with CarbonClick, a leading carbon offsetting platform to enable attendees to offset the carbon emissions associated with their travel (via the purchase of carbon credits), which supports certified climate projects across Asia.

Mr Leck Chet Lam, Managing Director of Experia, organiser of Singapore Airshow 2024, had this to share about the direction that the airshow will be taking in 2024, hinting that the direction that the future airshow will pivot towards:

"As we prepare to bring together the global aerospace and defence community at Singapore Airshow 2024 once again, we are excited to provide a platform where innovation, collaboration, and resilience converge. The challenges faced by the industry have only strengthened our determination to drive positive change. With the participation of esteemed exhibitors, partners, and industry leaders, we are confident that Singapore Airshow 2024 will catalyse critical discussions, foster strategic alliances, and inspire ideas that will shape the future of aviation. Once again, the aerospace and defence ecosystem will soar to new heights and chart a path towards a stronger, more sustainable aerospace and defence industry." 

Newcomers Countries and Companies

For the first time, the airshow will play host to country-specific pavilions from China, Czech Republic, Japan and South Korea, alongside long-standing partner countries like the United States, Australia, France and the United Kingdom. In addition, the airshow will feature new participants like JetZero and Panasonic Avionics which will showcase the latest developments in aerodynamic designs and in-flight passenger experience.

The Singapore Airshow also will continue serving as the frontline for upcoming companies and future leaders in the aviation industry to showcase their talents and innovations in their signature collaboration with Starburst in “What’s Next@Singapore Airshow”. Visitors to the airshow can look forward to the latest developments and innovations in various sub-sectors of the aviation industry including air traffic control management, digitalisation and defence from 30 various start-up companies. In return, the airshow provides a platform for these startups to receive much needed support for investment and growth opportunities to boost their business footprint in this challenging and competitive industry, which will provide fresh inputs and ideas into the progression of the aerospace industry.

The Long-Awaited Public Day

With full clearance to allow the public to view the airshow, Experia has launched a series of new perks for the public days on 24 - 25 February, now rechristened “Weekend@Airshow”. At the forefront of it are the lion-themed mascots Captain Leo and Leonette. Alongside the chance to see the aerial static displays of aircraft, members of the public are eligible to redeem discounts and rewards under the AeroPerks programme for an array of dining and entertainment activities.

With such a massive array of events, showcases and companies, trade visitors and members of the public have much to anticipate in their 9th iteration of the Singapore Airshow, which promises to be one of the highlight events of 2024 in the Asia-Pacific region.

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