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SA2024: Soaring Above Expectations, Gulfstream’s Redefinition of Business Aviation


In the many years I have worked with business and general aviation, Gulfstream has never once failed to amaze me, the gracefulness of the aircraft coupled with the ease of working with the systems, it’s an aircraft that would get me excited, guaranteed. The same can be said for Gulfstream’s showing in this year’s rendition of the Singapore Airshow. The significance of Gulfstream’s showing in this year’s airshow goes beyond words.

Gulfstream, bringing their G600 and G700 to this year’s airshow is one of major significance and great opportunity for the manufacturer. In this article, I will delve into the specifications of the two aircraft, provide a comparison chart of the new line of Gulfstream aircraft and go deeper into the offerings of each aircraft.

Gulfstream’s Presence at the Singapore Airshow

The Singapore Airshow, renowned as Asia’s largest airshow, is a major platform for manufacturers to showcase their technology and facilitate industry networking, this provides a major advantage to Gulfstream to introduce their latest dèbutée, the G700, to the Asian market.

Gulfstream G700

Boasting over 50 city pair records, the most recent from Nice to Singapore for the Singapore Airshow, while redefining business aviation and luxury, Gulfstream’s introduction of the G700 comes with a suite of improvements, including but not limited to, range, living spaces, improved cockpit systems and more.

Boasting a range of 7750nm at Mach 0.85 or 6650nm at Mach 0.90, the Gulfstream G700 boasts one of the industry’s longest flying and fastest purpose-built business jet. Allowing passengers to get from A-B in record time.


In the cockpit of the G700, there is much improvement, starting with Gulfstream’s symmetry cockpit system, removing the traditional yoke for a more streamlined sidestick, touchscreen interface for the pilots. The symmetry flight deck offers the industry’s most extensive use of touchscreen technology and has Gulfstream’s third-generation Enhanced Flight Vision System.

Inside the G700

The larger cabin space from the G700, a 3-meter stretch from her sistership, the G650ER. This allows for vast customisation options, options include up to five living spaces, a passenger lounge, a shower, as well as places to conduct business presentations and functions.

The G700 also boasts an industry first ‘ultra-galley’ providing an entire cabin space, just for the galley, allowing for customisations such as a passenger lounge, crew rest compartment. The other four living spaces outside of the galley allows from almost unlimited customisation, a six-place dining of conference room: a master suite for shower and many more!

The cabin boasts 20 panoramic oval windows – the largest in the industry, with the ability to seat 19 passengers, or sleep 10.

Gulfstream Noise Lab

Noise is a major part of air travel and Gulfstream has an entire division working specifically on cabin noise, the acoustics and noise dampeners inside the cabin work to reduce the amount of noise pollution inside the cabin, this, in turn, results in noise levels measured at 34 decibels while the team visited the aircraft, with all the associated systems on that are required for flight. While in the air with the engines running, the G700 boasts similar noise statistics, allowing for conversations and meetings to take place without any need to raise your voice.

The sound engineers at Gulfstream’s noise lab has worked tirelessly to ensure all the noise in the cabin is kept to a minimum, while allowing some noise to leak through to prevent sensory deprivation, everything in the aircraft, from the toilets to the doors and latches have been engineered to reduce noise pollution as much as possible, to make every trip as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for the passengers.


In conclusion, the Gulfstream G700 is a formidable giant in her class, offering unparalleled speed and luxury, as well as range in the business aviation sector, and I expect no less for the G800, for which I am sure will exceed the G700’s records.



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