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SQ982 (SIN - BKK) | SQ983 (BKK - SIN)

Plane Type: Boeing 787-10

Registry: 9V-SCM | 9V-SCO

Class: Economy

Seat: 59A | 42C

Layout: 3x3x3

Reviewer: Malcolm Lu

Date: Feb 10 2020 | Feb 13 2020

On March 28th 2018, Singapore Airlines received the world's first Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner. Being present at the delivery ceremony of the newest variant Dreamliner was a true honour, and I've have been anticipating flying on this aircraft since that day on the tarmac. Normally, I would do individual reviews for each flight, but seeing how both inbound & outbound flights are on the same type of aircraft & service, I'll be combining both flights into a single review. In areas that do differ or are specific to the differing flights, I will indicate with (SQ982) or (SQ983).

The 787-10 Economy Cabin

Singapore Airlines' Dreamliner features the latest cabin products in service within the fleet. Cabin configuration is set to a 3-3-3 layout, with ample space between each seat. Legroom is good for a regional configured aircraft. I'm 1.74m tall, and there was still ample space between my knees and the seat ahead, as well as enough floor space even though I had a messenger laptop/camera bag placed under the seat in front of me. Each seat is 17.5inches wide with a reclined angle of 32 degrees, giving adequate comfort comparable to most airlines in the industry.

The seat and In-Flight-Entertainment (IFE) system are the same as those on the retrofitted Airbus A380 aircraft as seen on my previous flight to Hong Kong back in 2019. Each seat comes with quite a decent amount of storage compartments and holders for your personal items, one USB charging port, headphone jack, a 110-volts power port between seats, cup holder and standard fold down tray table. IFE in Economy class features a 10.6-inch interactive touch screen system, which was very responsive and have a wide selection of movies, TV series, documentaries etc.I really do love the seat upholstery colours, being a complementing mix of cool grey and blue, giving a very modern vibe for the cabin. As with all 787s and new Boeing interiors, the cabin is fitted with LED lights, which allows different mood light settings throughout the flight.

Inflight Meal

(SQ982) Once we reached our cruising altitude, the crew started meal service. As the flight was only an hour and a half, no menus were provided and we were given choices of meals as the food trolley came to our row. As always, the food never fails to impress. My choice for this flight was the char siew (roast meat) brown rice, with a cup of tea to go along with the meal. Along with the main and drinks comes an appetiser, dessert, and a bread bun. The presentation was good, with the serving tray size compact and easy for me to work my way between the sides and main. The char siew meat was tender, going hand in hand with the sweet & salty sauce. Portions were fair, enough to last for such a short flight. Dessert was a delectable salted caramel and gula melaka Ice cream, something I need to find locally here in Singapore.

(SQ983) On the return flight, dinner was served promptly after take off. On this leg, passengers have the option of Basil Chicken with rice or Stewed Beef & Mash potatoes. I opted for the beef and mash, as the chicken was warned to be a tad spicy. Taste wise, the stewed beef was just right, wasn't too salty, nor too bland. The meat texture was tender and palatable. The mash looked a bit tough and overcooked, but contrary to appearances, it was soft, as to how mash should be. We didn't get an ice cream for dessert, but what was served was not too bad either. I apologise for not getting the names of the dessert and appetiser on this leg, something I left out by mistake.

A Warm & Friendly Experience

With the recent comments and negative reviews with regards to Singapore Airlines' crew service by a certain individual on Youtube, I wanted to see for myself if there were any truth to his points. Well, in my opinion, I am happy to report no.

(SQ982) On my outbound flight, I received a warm and friendly greeting by the crew. The male steward even took the effort to greet me by name and direct me to my seat, something most uncommon for an economy class experience. The crew never missed any passenger request, and always attended to us in the cabin with smiles and a friendly demeanour. There were instances where the crew "rushed" through the cabin, but it was never to avoid conversation, and in fact, most of the time, was to attend to their duties.

(SQ983) The service on my return trip was truly exemplary. I have to give the steward and stewardess that attended to our section of the cabin a thumbs up. They were very engaging with the passengers, with warm big smiles and even some friendly conversation. The tone of voice they used during take off and landing checks were calm and non-condescending, unlike other airlines when attendants might use a harsher tone with passengers who haven't got their seatbacks upright. When it came to mealtime, they would advise passengers that the alternative choice could be a bit spicy, and recommended certain drinks to go with the meals. I have never seen this level of attention in economy class before. When it came to my row, the steward was really friendly, even offered to pose a wine bottle with my meal for a photo to be taken. I was quite surprised and laughed, thanking him for the offer but ultimately turning down the wine. I was really impressed with this flight, and when I was disembarking the plane, I shook hands with the steward and stewardess, thanking them for their wonderful service and effort. I even wrote in an email complimenting Singapore Airlines and the crew on this flight. I was really blown away.

While understandably, we cannot compare between different flights and crew, it is possible there are circumstances where a crew might not live up to the expectations of some passengers. Based on my own personaI experience and observations, Singapore Airlines still has one of the best inflight services and crew in the industry today.

Wrapping it up

First off, the experience of flying on a 787-10 was incredible. The aircraft was smooth, I mean really really smooth. We did encounter some turbulence on the way out, but it can barely be felt. The plane handled herself well. Oh, and the larger windows gave me quite a lot of photography opportunities of the clouds and sunset. Also, the engines are quieter, enhancing the flight for the passengers onboard. Flying on the Singapore Airlines Dreamliner was truly a dream come true. Even though the flight between Singapore and Bangkok was a relatively short one, with multiple options of airlines to choose from, I would still choose to fly with Singapore Airlines again on this route. Firstly, the price point of this leg is not overly expensive if you compare with other full carriers operating this route. And of course, there are the cheaper low-cost airlines to consider, including SQ's own subsidiary Scoot. But ultimately, for a better flying experience, not to mention the 30kg check in baggage allowance, and reliability, I would pick SQ over her competition anyway.

P/S: In actual fact, I already have chosen SQ. 2 more flights this year all booked to go. Check out our review of SQ's Premium Economy service, coming Mar 2020!


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