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SQ856 (SIN - HKG)

Plane Type: Airbus A380-841

Registry: 9V-SKU

Class: Economy

Seat: 42A & 42B

Layout: 3x4x3

Reviewer: Malcolm Lu & Tok Niken

Date: Feb 23 2019

Flying with Singapore Airlines is indeed as its tag line claims, “A great way to fly”, living up to its world renowned reputation. Our little review here looks into a recent trip to Hong Kong with myself and APP Team Member Niken, flying with the national carrier of Singapore, without burning a hole into our wallets. Booking on the airline's website is a smooth and fast experience, and even though Singapore Airlines has begun charging passengers for seat selection, the pricing was really quite affordable.

The New Economy Cabin

Our journey to Hong Kong started at 0955 hours in the morning, onboard SQ856, served by a 2 year old Airbus A380-841, registration 9V-SKU. SKU belongs to the newest batch of A830s in SQ’s fleet, featuring all new cabin fixtures throughout all classes on the aircraft. On this flight, we were seated at the second row of the economy class cabin, seats 42A & 42B. The pro’s of seat 42A was that there was no seat in front of it, giving Niken a lot of extra leg room. The new dark grey and blue colours of the economy class seats are certainly a welcomed change, giving a modern clean look to the overall cabin, while providing enough comfort with a 19 inch wide seat and a 32 degree recline angle. Each seat has its own power outlet and USB port for those of us with all those gadgets which we forgot to charge the night before the flight, really coming in handy. Extra storage spaces for your phones or small items are designed into the seat backing, a really nice touch in my opinion. But what i really loved is the highly responsive and clear quality HD Touch screen monitors, featuring a flotilla of entertainment programs and options in Singapore Airlines Krisworld Inflight entertainment system. Another wonderful attention to service before we took off was the when the crew came around giving out hot towels. Not all airlines provide such amenities in economy class, though a small gesture, really adds to the comfort of passengers, making us feel at home.

Makan Time (Inflight Meal)

About an hour into the flight, we were served breakfast meals and I have to admit, amongst all the airlines I have flown so far, Singapore Airlines truly has one of the best inflight meals in the industry. Both of us chose the scrambled eggs with sausage selection, along with tea & coffee respectively. The eggs were just right, not too dry, not too soggy, and taste was spot on. Sausages were a tad hard which honestly does not amount to a huge deal breaker. The spread of fruits which included slices of apple, watermelon and orange were fresh and refreshing. The best part came after we finished our main course, when the cabin crew came around to distribute ice cream for our desserts. On this flight, we were treated to Magnum mini ice cream, which is not too bad. After desserts, it was another round of drinks before the cabin crew came to clear the food trays in an efficient and orderly manner.

Rest & Arrival

After breakfast, most of the time was spent taking short naps and watching back to back episodes of Star Trek Discovery on the IFE system. With that, time flew by very quickly and we began our descent into Hong Kong International Airport. We were placed in a 20 minute holding pattern due to heavy traffic conditions in HKIA, which meant 20 extra minutes for us to enjoy Singapore Airlines’ latest cabin features.

Wrapping it up

After enjoying the short 3 hour flight, we landed into a foggy and rainy Hong Kong. In reflection of the flight, here is what we have to offer in terms of our own opinions and thoughts. For $298 SGD per person, we were treated to such wonderful top notch service, comfortable seats, and delightful inflight meals. Quite honestly, the price paid was way under what we got back in return. Other airlines could offer you a cheaper ticket, but they cannot match up to the attention to detail, the service nor the experience from start to finish like Singapore Airlines does. The passenger experience is wholesome, every element is designed and gels together to give one the warmth and homely touch while onboard a Singapore Airlines flight. Well, don’t take our word for it, watch SQ’s new inflight safety video, and take a look at the new cabin features colours, the design of the menus, safety cards, pillows, carpets, so on. You can see and feel a consistent theme that enhances the experience and brand identity of the airline.

So, would we fly with SQ again? That is a most definite astounding “YES!”

And just a hint for those who feel the ticket is pricey, take advantage of Singapore Airlines’ 2 to go promotion prices, it can save you quite a bit, and having good company on the trip adds to the fun wouldn't you say?


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