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Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Held biannually at the Changi Exhibition Centre, the Singapore Airshow is the largest aviation exhibition and trade conference in Asia. Attracting both industry related and general public members to the event, the Singapore Airshow welcomed close to 30,000 trade visitors from more than 110 countries and over 20,000 public visitors at the Changi Exhibition Centre from 11 – 16 February 2020. The main highlights of the show consists of the Trade Exhibitions, the aerial display segments and of course, the Static Display Area. Due to the recent outbreak of the Covid-19 virus in Singapore, several of the static display aircraft were removed from the show listing, leaving us with a downscaled static show ground. However, what was on display at the Singapore Airshow 2020 was more than sufficient to make up for the unforeseen circumstances.


RSAF Display Area

Airbus a330mrtt

The center piece of this years static display, the RSAF Display was filled with a variety of aircraft, helicopters and other assets from the Republic of Singapore Air Force. The main attraction for the RSAF has to be their brand new Airbus MRTT. The dark grey military variant of the popular Airbus A330 was the largest aircraft on display at the show grounds, gaining attention & awe from attendees as they enter the static display area.

Boeing F-15SG Eagle

RSAF's Boeing F-15SG were the outcome of the Next Generation Fighter Programme, where the RSAF evaluated several fighter jets to replace the old A-4SU Skyhawks. 2 F-15SGs were displayed at the static display area, one of which is the recently repainted "5583" F-15SG. This particular aircraft was seen previously in the special blue RSAF 50th anniversary livery 2 years back, and was also on display at the Singapore Airshow in 2018.

General Dynamics F-16C/D Fighting Falcon

The General Dynamics F-16C/D makes up the backbone of the RSAF fleet. With 60 planes in the Air Force, the F-16s provides a highly agile and accurate weapons platform in the defence of Singapore.

Boeing Ah-64D Apache

& Sikorsky S-70B Seahawk

The Boeing AH-64D Apache & Sikorsky S-70B Seahawk are the newest helicopters in service with the RSAF, both serving specific roles within the Air Force. The AH-64D serves as the RSAF's primary attack helicopter, with first deliveries starting back in 2002.

The S-70B Seahawk naval helicopter though operating under the Republic Singapore Navy, are flown by RSAF pilots. With a total of 8 Seahawks in service, the S-70B comes fully equipped with anti-submarine, anti-surface weapons & sensor packages, providing an additional line of defence.


Embraer e195-e2 profit hunter

Only on display during the trade day segments of the airshow, the Embraer E195-E2 is the newest member of the E195 family of airliners. The Black and Gold Tech Lion livery made this plane stand out, and being the largest commercial aviation aircraft on display, made the E195-E2 a very popular attraction. To find out more about the Embraer E195-E2, follow this link to our recent coverage of the aircraft.


subaru bell 412epx

First time on display in Asia, the Subaru Bell 412EPX is a twin engined utility helicopter based off the ever popular Huey design. Built in collaboration between Subaru & Bell, the 412EPX features improvements over the original Bell 412, including a heavier take off weight and faster speeds.


hondajet elite

Small, but luxurious, the HondaJet Elite is an improved version of the highly successful HondaJet Light Business Aircraft. Built by Honda in the US, these small twin-engined low wing mono planes are considered the most innovative in its category. The new HondaJet Elite features longer range, a new cabin interior and updated flight deck.


united states airforce

Boeing kc-135

Being one of Singapore's largest defence partners, the United States Military's presence is always seen here on our small island nation. This year' Singapore Airshow had the United States Air Force bringing with them numerous assets, ranging from the advanced Lockheed F-22 Raptor for aerial displays to the large and reliable Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker.

Boeing C-17 Globemaster III

Also on display by the USAF is the Boeing C-17 Globemaster III, as part of the C-17 Demonstrator team. The Globemaster III is the USAF's main tactical and strategic airlifter, providing a wide variety of transport mission profiles for the USAF.


united states navy & Marine corps

Boeing P-8 Poseidon

The United States Navy's Boeing P-8 Poseidon was developed from the Boeing 737-800 Commercial airliner as a replacement for the aging P-3 Orions. The P-8 primarily operates in anti-submarine warfare (ASW), anti-surface warfare (ASUW), and shipping interdiction roles.

Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet

The Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet are the main fighter aircraft of the modern US Navy. Adept at carrier operations, the Super Hornets are larger and more advanced variants of the original McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornets.

Bell Boeing's MV-22B Osprey

Bell Boeing's MV-22B Osprey are multi-mission, tiltrotor military aircraft in service with the United States Marine Corp. 2 of these versatile aircraft from Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 262 (VMM-262) were on display at the airshow this year, allowing attendees some amazing close up views of these not-so-conventional aircraft.


bangkok airways atr72-600

The newest member to Bangkok Airways' ATR72-600 fleet, HS-PZO features a number of improvements over her older sisters in the fleet. Featuring a new cabin interior and full glass cockpit, the newer ATR72-600 are more efficient and cost effective, allowing passengers to have a comfortable & affordable flight. Click here for a more in-depth look onboard and around the aircraft.



Northrop F-5E/F Tigers

The Royal Thai Air Force operates both updated variants of the F-5E/F Tigers, designated the F-5TH fighters and F-5BTHF. Both variants of the Tiger were here on display at the Singapore Airshow. The F-5TH is classified as a Generation 4.5 Jet Fighter, performing long range interception roles.



Sukhoi SU-30MKM

Our neighbours from Malaysia have always been supportive and present at the Singapore Airshow. While previously the Sukhoi SU-30MKM took part in the aerial displays, this year, the Flanker-H was on the ground, allowing attendees to get an up close look at this incredibly sleek and agile jet.

Airbus A400

The largest plane in the RMAF, the Airbus A400 is the latest addition to the fleet, expanding the Air Forces airlift and transport capabilities. Delivered in 2017, the A400s of the 22nd Squadron are based out of Subang Air Force Base, Malaysia.


Overall, the static display might have been downsized due to the Corvid-19 situation, it was however still laid out with a variety of aircraft for both members of the public and trade visitors. Spirits of the crowd were not hampered, and one could see the look of joy and excitement in people's eyes as they walked around the show grounds, admiring these large magnificent machines. Next up, will be our coverage of the Aerial Display segments of the show.


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