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Onboard bangkok airway's atr 72-600

Bangkok Airway's is a regional airline based out of Bangkok, Thailand. The airline operates a fleet of 40 narrow body aircraft, consisting of; 2 ATR72-500s, 13 ATR72-600s, 16 A319s, and 9 A320s. Primarily used in domestic routes, their youngest ATR72-600, registration HS-PZO was part of the static display at the Singapore Airshow for ATR. Here is a quick look onboard the aircraft, and highlights of the new features that sets this ATR72-600 apart from her predecessors.

Bangkok Airway's ATR72-600 features a one class, 70 seat cabin configuration in a standard 2 x 2 layout. The new seats on the aircraft are thinner, allowing for more leg room as well as seat width, improving passenger comfort on domestic routes. The new ergonomic designs of the seat pockets and tray tables is a true good use of space, reducing the overall size and weight of each seat design. A Blue vinyl material is used for the seats upholstery, allowing for easy cleaning and comfort.

A significant upgrade was done to the overhead compartments, enlarging the space and capacity of the bins, providing more carry on capacity for passengers. Furthermore, the new overhead compartments are designed at a sloped angle, thus preventing any baggage or items from falling out when opening the compartment.

The Newer ATR72-600 also features an all glass cockpit, improving flight crew handling and performance of the aircraft, further reinforcing the airline's trust and commitment to a reliable and efficient aircraft.



Passenger capacity: 68 to 74 seats

Engines: Pratt & Whitney 127MMaximum takeoff power: 2,750 horsepower per engine

Maximum takeoff weight: 23,000 kg

Maximum load: 7,500 kg

Maximum flight range when fully loaded: 900 nautical miles (1,665 km)


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