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QANTAS PLANS GROUNDING of 8 A380s, reduces flights by nearly 25%

(March 10th, 2020) - Qantas Group announced plans to ground up to 8 of their 12 Airbus A380s, with another 2 A380s under going heavy maintenance and cabin upgrades, leaving two of its A380s flying. The plan to ground the A380s came along after the airline announced a flight reduction of up to 25%, due to declining demand and low traveller rates during the Covid19 crisis which has impacted the world. Instead of exiting routes, Qantas will use smaller airliners and reduce frequency of flights in order to meet the lower demand and to save costs. As announced earlier, Qantas would be introducing their Boeing 787 aircraft on flight QF35/36 between Melbourne and Singapore starting March 30th, replacing the larger Airbus A380s. This would later be replaced by their Airbus A330s, starting 4th May, in hopes of increase demand by that time.


Singapore Affected Routes (Effective Dates)


QF37/38 : 7 return flights per week cancelled (20th April 2020)

QF 35/36 : B787 replaced by larger A330 on 7 return flights per week (4th May 2020)



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