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BOEING's 1000th DREAMLINER goes to Singapore airlines

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Apr. 8, 2020 - Introduced in 2009, the Boeing 787 was met with great fanfare as a new generation of modern, cost efficient airliner the world has never seen. After more than a decade, Boeing celebrates its production and completion of the 1000th Boeing 787, a -10 variant that will be delivered to Singapore Airlines. Registered as 9V-SCP, the newest Dreamliner for Singapore Airlines is expected to be delivered in the months ahead, with possible delays due to the COVID19 situation. Operating the 1000th 787 is a significant milestone for the airline, as Singapore Airlines previously had flown the 1000th Boeing 747, and is also currently operating the 10000th Airbus Aircraft built, an A350-941.

The Boeing 787 was a significant leap for Boeing and its customers in terms of design, manufacturing, operations and flight experience. Traditional supply and production lines were cut, moving instead to a global chain of manufacturers and suppliers to build components of the aircraft, and shipping them for final assembly at Boeing's plants. The airplane itself is quieter, more fuel efficient, and is cheaper to operate than her predecessors, making it a significant draw for airlines and passengers alike.

Currently, Singapore Airlines has 15 Boeing 787-10s, with 29 still on order. With an expected 44 Dreamliners in their fleet, Singapore Airlines is committed to a reliable, flexible and efficient airliner, opening up routes of air travel for the foreseeable future.




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