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APP'S Featured Spotter

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Following on the success of our weekly “10 Questions With” segment, our team at APP have started up a new Monthly Spotter Feature on our website and Instagram profile, showcasing aviation enthusiasts based in Singapore and abroad. The concept and motivation behind this project is to bring the community closer together, and to shine a light on the community we coexist in with hopes of raising awareness with regards to our hobby and to provide a chance for all spotters to be seen both locally & internationally.


Meet our newest Featured Spotter, Hao Ren from Singapore! We met Hao Ren recently and wanted to do a featured spotlight to show his awesome works. Hao Ren showcases his aviation photos mainly on Instagram (@haosnapplanes_), so do check out his profile as well!

Self Introduction

Hello, you are..?

Hello, I am Hao Ren, a 15 year old student who just started spotting a few months ago

Share some fun facts about yourself!

I currently do landscape photography, I love travelling as well as furry animals. I always loved aviation since young and have been spotting without a camera since the age of 4. It all started when my dad took me to the beach to spot at night on weekends and I started getting more serious with it when I got my first DSLR in late 2022.

When did you begin spotting?

As mentioned, I first started spotting when I was the age of 4, back when my family had a layover in Hong Kong, the varieties of planes present intrigued me. One that I fondly remember was the Cathay Pacific 747 passenger variant parked directly in front of me. I first started photographing planes in late 2022 with my first DSLR.

What is your motivation you behind spotting? What keeps you interested in plane spotting?

There are many things that motivate me to go spotting despite how far it is from my home. Back when I first started, it was mainly being able to hear the roaring of engines and clicking the shutter button of a camera. As I started to make more friends and meet newer people, my motivation slowly shifted to seeing them and spending time with them.


Gear Talk

What gear (camera + lens) do you use?

The Nikon 1 V1 equipped with a 10-30mm lens was my first camera. It is a compact mirrorless camera launched in 2011. I soon upgraded to the Nikon D3500 DSLR equipped with a 18-55mm, 70-300mm and 150-500mm Sigma lens. Just recently, I have taken another step ahead and upgraded to a Nikon Z50 equipped with a 16-50mm, 50-250mm kit lens and a Tamron 70-200mm f2.8 + Nikon FTZ II adaptor mainly for night spotting.

Love for Airplanes

Can you recall one satisfying moment in your spotting experience?

Something about the Starlux A330-900neo gets me everytime, being able to spot it at Taoyuan Airport Observatory Deck, which is so far my favourite spotting location, is indeed very satisfying, watching it liftoff or touchdown right in front of my eyes.

Share with us some of your favourite shots ?

To Round Of...

What tips would you give to aspiring spotters?

Make as many friends as possible, be open to feedback and criticism. Don't stop doing what you love when people try to pull you down. Enjoy the moment and don't attempt to be funny by doing anything illegal and you will have a great time spotting!



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