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Singapore Airshow 2024: Airbus & STARLUX announces new orders


Taiwanese carrier STARLUX announced the order of 5 Airbus A350F Freighters and 3 additional A330Neo aircraft at the Singapore Airshow today. Present at the signing ceremony were KW Chang, Chairman of STARLUX Airlines, Glen Chai, CEO of STARLUX Airlines, Christian Scherer, CEO of the Commercial Aircraft business of Airbus, Benoît de Saint-Exupéry, Airbus EVP Sales, Commercial Aircraft and Ewen McDonald, Chief Customer Officer, Rolls-Royce Civil Aerospace.

Image by Airbus

The move from STARLUX sees them delving deeper into the realm of cargo and logistics services, positioning themselves to vie against competitors like EVA Air and China Airlines. This latest decision also marks Starlux as the inaugural Taiwanese carrier to commit to ordering and utilising the Airbus A350F. During the signing ceremony, CEO Glen Chai emphasised,“STARLUX Airlines has continuously nurtured the cargo market since its inception, capitalising on the strategic advantages offered by Taiwan’s geographical location”

Chairman Chang Kuo-Wei remarked that the acquisition of the A350F aligns well with the airline's existing operations, as STARLUX maintains a comprehensive Airbus fleet. He further noted that the airline has the flexibility to exercise an option for an additional 5 A350Fs if required to support future expansion endeavours.

Regarding the A330Neo order, Mr. Chang highlighted that the incorporation of three new Airbus A330Neos will enhance STARLUX's capacity for high-demand regional routes and feeder services to Taiwan. This expansion will not only boost operational flexibility but also enable passengers to seamlessly transit through Taoyuan Airport to reach destinations including North America and beyond.

Benoît de Saint-Exupéry of Airbus said, “We love working with STARLUX Airlines in building and strengthening its fleet. Operating both the latest generation Airbus single aisle and wide-body aircraft brings the airline enormous benefits. It significantly reduces fuel consumption and carbon emission and offers unrivalled levels of technical commonality, benefits in maintenance and training. The A350F, the only new generation large freighter, will fit seamlessly into this all-Airbus fleet and enable STARLUX Airlines to compete effectively with the leading players in key cargo markets.” 


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