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Flight Review: AirAsia 702

Updated: Sep 19, 2023


Airline | AirAsia

Flight | AK702

Route | Singapore – Kuala Lumpur

Gate | G9

Aircraft | Airbus A320

Registration | 9M-AFF

Class of Travel | Economy Class

Seat Number | 9F


Going on a solo trip was at the top of my bucket list, but due to my extreme fear of getting lost and, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic, I had to put that idea on hold for a few years. But, with the recent reopening of air travel, I decided to take one last solo trip before turning 20.

Flying with the World’s Best Low Cost Carrier… AirAsia

This is my second flight with AirAsia. I flew to Krabi from Bangkok Don Mueang about a month ago on a Thai AirAsia A321NEO, and today I'll be flying from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur on an AirAsia Airbus A320.

AirAsia operates out of Changi Airport Terminal 4, and using Changi Airport's Fast and Seamless Travel (FAST) check-in system, I checked in for my flight and received my boarding pass in a matter of minutes. Terminal 4 also uses centralized screening, and I breezed through immigration and security.

Today's flight is operated by a 16-year-old Airbus A320 registered as 9M-AFF. My flight was supposed to be on an Airbus A320NEO, but it was changed to an Airbus A320. The plane was retrofitted with AirAsia's new Mirus Hawk seats, which are noticeably more comfortable than the older AirAsia leather seats. Although the seat was a little uncomfortable, it was adequate for a short-haul flight. Legroom was sufficient for me, and the cabin was surprisingly clean and tidy. I might even consider flying medium hall routes on AirAsia X's larger Airbus A330-300.

Image by AirAsia

Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak

Despite the fact that the flight to Kuala Lumpur was only 40 minutes long, I pre-ordered a hot meal for S$5. I went with Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak. AirAsia has a wide range of food options, from simple sandwiches to full meals like chicken rice, but I chose the Nasi Lemak because it has received rave reviews and is one of my favorite comfort foods.

The cabin crew began meal service shortly after departure because the flight to Kuala Lumpur was so short. I was served coconut rice with Pak Nasser's chili sambal with Chicken Rendang, as well as a small serving of peanuts, fried anchovies, and half a hard boiled egg.

The serving size was adequate, and the food was delicious. In terms of presentation, it was served in an aluminum foil tray with plastic utensils, as expected from a low-cost carrier, as opposed to some full-service carriers who serve food from a cardboard box with bamboo utensils.

One of the best on-board meals I've ever had. In fact, it was superior to what I had experienced with other full-service carriers. The rice was fluffy, the chicken rendang was flavorful, and the sambal was spicy. However, I would prefer if the chicken was more tender and moist, and there was a better ratio of rendang to rice, but I would order the Nasi Lemak again if I ever fly with AirAsia.

Overall Experience

Flying with AirAsia on my first solo overseas trip was an unforgettable experience. Everything was fine given that I only paid S$84 for a one-way ticket. Without the add-on, the air ticket was only $67, which is quite reasonable, but keep in mind that I purchased my ticket when AirAsia was offering a 20% discount on all tickets to and from Kuala Lumpur, so it was quite reasonable.

I'm no travel expert, and I've only flown on a few low-cost carriers, but AirAsia is without a doubt one of the best low-cost carriers I've ever flown on. The new seats are extremely comfortable, and the in-flight meal is by far the best I've ever had. I strongly advise you to try the Nasi Lemak, but also to look into the other options available.

Inflight Service | 7/10

Inflight Entertainment | -

Meal Service | 9/10

Seat | 8/10

Aircraft Cleanliness | 9/10


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