The Year of COVID19.

2020 has been riddled with transformation, by COVID19 turning the world we know inside out, forcing us to change how we lead our lives, and adapt to the new climate in a post COVID19 world. Corporations and businesses have also been severely affected, some more than others. The Airline industry was one that was greatly hit by the pandemic, as without tourism and business travel, the demand for air travel greatly diminished overnight. In order to survive, Airlines had to adapt in order to stay afloat. Many began shifting to cargo operations using passenger aircraft. Novel concepts of Flights to Nowhere were introduced in Taiwan and Australia, while Thailand opened up an Airline themed restaurant and offered members of the public a chance to be a flight crew in their training facilities. In Singapore, we were introduced to "Discover Your Singapore Airlines", a series of different initiatives curated to allow everyone a chance to experience Singapore Airlines in a different light.

First to launch in the series was "SIA @ Home", a wonderful experience of airline cuisine brought to your home. Second, came "Restaurant A380@Changi", turned the largest airliner in the world into a fine dining experience. Newest to launch is "Inside Singapore Airlines", which brings members of the public behind the scenes on a special tour of SIA's training facilities. Now I must point out, alot of these events were sold out pretty quickly, and I went onto the waiting list along with Dillon from Radar Photography to try our luck. Initially, a business class slot was offered but at S$300 a head, I felt that was a little over our budget. Fortunately, we were able to get 2 slots on the Premium Economy dining experience at S$90 each for the "Restaurant A380@Changi".

In this review, we will showcase the overall impression of the event itself, and give some personal opinions from our experiences on the "Restaurant A380@Changi".

The Registration / Check in Process

It all began with an email from Singapore Airlines confirming the slots for 2 Premium Economy seats at lunch time. After which, we needed to fill up a supplementary form with our details, and make a request for the Pre-dining Aircraft Tour. 5 working days later, another email from Singapore Airlines confirmed our reservations, as well as the Pre-Dining Tour, and sent along a itinerary for the entire event.

On the actual day, we arrived at Changi Airport Terminal 3 and proceeded to Row 2 to "Check-In" to the event. As it was relatively early, there was no crowd. The Singapore Airlines staff greeted us warmly, and even though everyone had their masks on, their friendliness can be seen through their eyes, and felt in the warmth of their words. After receiving our invitation cards, we proceeded through what normally was the First Class Check in Counter to collect our Designated Wristbands, go through a small bag inspection, had our passports retained for the duration of the event, and was guided through to Gate B2 in the Transit area.