IN192 (CGK - TJQ)

Plane Type: Boeing 737-524

Registry: PK-CLU


Class: Economy

Seat: 20A

Layout: 3x3

Reviewer: Malcolm Lu

One would think a short flight from Jakarta to Belitung would be simple and fast, one would be mistaken. After taking a smooth ride on Malaysia Airline's B737-800, I was treated to a very different flight onboard NAM Air's B737-500. Now the -500 series baby Boeings belonged to an older generation of 737 models, named the Classic Series. This particular plane, rego: PK-CLU was at the time 22 years old, one of the oldest planes I have ever flew on. Nam Air was one of 3 Airlines that operate to the small Island of Belitung, on which my company was holding a corporate retreat and team building session for our staff. Personally, I would have preferred to take Garuda all the way from Singapore, as it meant an easier and smoother transit at Jakarta. However, the pricing was beyond our budget and we settled for a Jetstar Flight from SIN- CGK, and Nam Air from CGK - TJQ. Catching a first glimpse of the plane, I was a little nervous, seeing how much smaller the -500 is compared to the -800. I do have an odd fear of heights and claustrophobia, and flying in small planes makes my palms sweat. As we boarded flight 192, i realised my seat, no 20A was at the last row, which any frequent flyer would know, is normally the most bumpy place on a plane.

The Cabin

As I walked down the small narrow isle of the 737, it was interesting to see how different the interior of the plane was as compared to her younger sisters in the next series. The evolution between the Classic & Next Generation series is most evident if you have flown on both these planes. Notice the overhead bins and windows are much smaller, as well as the old style lighting systems onboard. Also, due to most of Nam Air serving on regional / domestic destinations, their planes have no IFE onboard. Then again it was only a 40 plus min flight, not enough time to finish a movie. As old planes go, this one was relatively clean for a 1 Star Airline (Skytrax Rating). My seat was just a bit squeaky, and it being the last row, cannot fully incline back due to the rear bulkhead.