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EVA Air BR216

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

BR216 (SIN - TPE)

Plane Type: Boeing 777-36NER

Registry: B-16721

Class: Elite Class (Premium Economy)

Seat: 23A

Layout: 2x4x2

Reviewer: Malcolm Lu

Date: 19 Jan 2017 

It is a well-known fact that I fly to Taipei very often annually, and whenever I do, its always with EVA Air. Between the other choices of Airlines flying this route from Singapore, EVA provides a good balance of cost vs comfort. My most recent flight was on BR216, operated by B-16721, a slightly over 2-year-old Boeing T7. As a creature of habit, the window seat is always preferred, though, at the time of booking, the online seat selection system showed no window seats available. However, the counter staff at Changi Airport was able to help me get seat 23A, a lovely window seat over the wing when I arrived early to drop my baggage and also do some plane photography at the Airport (Benefits of arriving 4 hours ahead of your flight folks). Boarding of the plane was slightly delayed due to late arrival of the aircraft but proceeded quickly and smoothly. The cabin was quickly tidied, cleaned and prepped for the fast turnaround at Changi Airport, kudos to staff and workers! This time, I was able to get some nice clear cabin shots before the other passengers boarded. Compared to the recent introduction of Premium Economy on competitor Airlines, the cabin and seat design onboard EVA Air isn't too bad, providing comfort, but lacking a certain flair in aesthetics as one would see onboard SQ or AF. 

As we departed Singapore, a late lunch was served, and the food was tasty as ever, especially loving the Smoked Salmon Salad served along with the Beef & Mash Potatoes. It was a relatively smooth flight, with little turbulence along the way. Service was prompt, with a very warm & attentive cabin crew, exemplifying the well-known service standards of Taiwan. As this is my 4th review on the Airline, I'll avoid repeating too much and let the photos speak for themselves. 

EVA Air has consistently pleased and met my expectations whenever I travelled with them, and I have a feeling they will keep on doing so. I have one more trip with them coming this Friday, something I am looking forward to with excitement. For more information, please check out the other short reviews I have done on this wonderful airline, and be sure to head over to their website as well. 

Till Next Time

Cheers folks!


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