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Cebu Pacific recently deployed its second A330neo (RP-C3901) for showcasing at the static display area of the Singapore Airshow 2022. The aircraft was delivered to Cebu Pacific on the 15th of December 2021. The A330neo is outfitted with 2 Rolls Royce Trent 7000-72 engines. This alongside the incorporation of advanced composite materials from the A350 and the implementation of new high span wings allows the aircraft to burn 25% less fuel as compared to its predecessor this is critical in today's situation where the price of fuel has skyrocketed. Additionally, this falls in line with Cebu Pacific's mission to provide passengers with reliable and accessible air travel while ensuring environmental and social sustainability.

Currently, Cebu Pacific has scheduled the A330neo for flights to Davao and General Santos. However, there are plans to operate future flights to Dubai, Hong Kong, Seoul, and Singapore with the demand for air travel ramping back up as the world begins to open its borders. Cebu Pacific strives to replace their existing fleet with Neo aircraft, in a bid to operate an all Neo fleet by the year 2027.

Cebu Pacific has configured their A330neo with 459 seats as compared to A330 Neos of other airlines that are outfitted with anywhere between 220 to 410 seats. This translates to the aircraft being able to drain as little as 1.4 liters per 100 kilometers per seat. The A330neo's Trent 7000-72 engines are not just more fuel-efficient, but they also emit up to 60% less noise, increasing passenger comfort. The A330neo has a broader wingspan than its predecessor and is fitted with sharklets that are made out of composite materials. These new sharklets help reduce induced drag, decreasing the aircraft's fuel consumption. Cebu Pacific's A330neo has the ability to carry a maximum of 36.3 tons of cargo for a non-stop flight.

The A330neo's cabin, featuring Airbus's Airspace Cabin, is entirely new, specifically designed to match the theme of the Philipines. Upon boarding, the first thing passengers would notice is the geometric LED lighting panel at the main entryway. This panel is specifically themed to match the teal-colored waters of Cebu Pacific's branding. Another addition to the cabin would be the mood lighting system, which aids in creating a welcoming and laid-back mood onboard the aircraft, making it ideal for long flights. The cabin is outfitted with Cebu's Recaro Seats which adopt a modern and minimalistic look to it. Every seat in the aircraft comes equipped with both USB type A and type C ports.

The walls at the front and rear of the cabin are decorated with a "blue on blue" mango pattern, further encapsulating the passengers in Cebu's signature tropical theme. The Carpet dons Cebu's iconic eagle icon pattern as well, whereas the lavatory's walls are painted in golden yellow and are covered in mango textures.

With these new features and technological advances, Cebu Pacific's new A330neo would enhance overall passenger travel experiences, and expand the airline's ever-growing network of destinations across the region, while at the same time offering more affordable prices to passengers and lower operational costs for the airline.



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