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Singapore Airshow 2024: Flying Display Schedule

Updated: Feb 19

The Singapore Airshow 2024 is set to be an exciting event with both trade and public days. While specific details about static and aerial display participants are not yet available, the release of the flying display schedule (tentative) adds to the anticipation.

Given that the schedule is subject to changes and updates, it's advisable for attendees to stay tuned for any announcements or adjustments closer to the event dates. As the Singapore Airshow is known for featuring a diverse range of aircraft and aerobatic displays, enthusiasts can expect a thrilling lineup.

For those attending the trade days from February 20th to 23rd, they'll likely have the opportunity to witness industry professionals showcasing cutting-edge aviation technology and products. On the public days (February 24th to 25th), aviation enthusiasts and the general public can enjoy the spectacle of various aircraft in action.

Trade Days

20th Feb, Tuesday: 1230pm-2pm

21st Feb, Wednesday: 1130am-1225pm

22nd Feb, Thursday: 1130am-1225pm

23rd Feb, Friday: None Scheduled

Public Days

24th Feb, Saturday: (1) 1130am-1215pm, (2) 230pm-315pm

25th Feb, Sunday: (1) 1130am-1215pm, (2) 230pm-315pm

For aviation enthusiasts who are unable to attend the airshow, but still want to catch the flying displays from outside the show grounds, it is possible to see some of the action from Changi Beach Carpark 7. Also, do take note that the new coastal park connectors will also be blocked off on the show dates. Please refer here for more information on road closures and access to the affected areas.

As more information becomes available, keep an eye on official announcements and updates from the organizers to ensure you make the most of your experience at the Singapore Airshow 2024. Enjoy the event!

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17 feb

Carpark #7 is open.

Me gusta
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