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Updated: Oct 24, 2019

MH613 (KUL - SIN)

Plane Type: Boeing 737-8H6

Registry: 9M-MXA

Malaysia Airlines 40 Years Retro Livery

Class: Economy

Seat: 25A

Layout: 3x3

Reviewer: Malcolm Lu

Date:12th Dec 2016

This was the first time in over a decade that I have stepped on board a Malaysia Airlines Plane, as well as a B737. I have not flown the single-aisle baby Boeing since the late 1980s, on a trip to Langkawi. So this short 40 mins trip was sort of a revisit to see how it would feel to be flying with the Malaysian national carrier and this iteration of the B737.

Well, I was excited when I got to the Gate at KLIA and saw this Retro livery MH B737 rolling into view. I never got a chance to take a planespotting shot of this beauty the last few times she visited Singapore, and today I was blessed to be flying on this specially painted 737. Since it was such a short flight, there wasn't much to review. So I'm just gonna break it down into point form below.


1) Affordable airfare

2) New Boeing Signature Sky Interior (LED Lighting makes all the diff) 3) Seats are quite comfortable, more spacious than Budget Carriers

4) IFE system available bit slow on responsiveness. gotta press hard on the screens. The person behind me was pressing REALLY hard!

5) The crew are friendly and professional, attentive service.

6) Noise level of the 737-800 cabin is quite low, seems softer and quieter than other plane models. And the 737 is such a smooth ride!

7) Personally, I love the winglet + logo on the wing, adds to the feel of flying and adds to the photo-taking experience.

8) Cabin was not as clean, but this is understandable seeing it was a fast turnaround flight.

9) Did I mention LED lighting that changes colour? Oh, yea I did.

10) Oh yes, Leather upholstery for the seats is quite a nice touch and made it easier to clean when I spilt my orange juice. 

Personally, I would certainly fly MH again for this leg. Given the price and the flight time, it was quite a joy to fly on. Also with so many other MH flights to choose from, it allows flexibility when planning one's business trips or weekend getaways.

Happy Flying Folks! 


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