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(March 18th 2020) - Jetstar Asia, an asian subsidiary of Jetstar Australia has announced yesterday a suspension of all services and flights for three weeks, starting March 23 2020 to April 15th 2020 due to a significant decrease in passengers and sales during the COVID19 crisis.

The latest airline to announce service cuts, Jetstar Asia is one amongst multiple airlines affected by the pandemic, costing over US$110 billon dollars in losses for the Airline industry. Jetstar's parent company Qantas has also announced flight cuts of up to 90%, including grounding of their A380 aircraft as a measure to cut costs.

At Singapore Changi Airport, remote bays and gates are parked with grounded aircraft, as more flights are cancelled due to low demand. Air Travel has reportedly fallen by 32.9% at Changi Airport for the month of February 2020, with higher numbers to be expected in the following months if the COVID19 pandemic does not subside.


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