Updated: Oct 24, 2019

BR215 (TPE - SIN)

Plane Type: Boeing 777-36NER

Registry: B-16722

EVA Air "Hello Kitty" Shinning Star Livery

Class: Economy

Seat: 63A

Layout: 3x3x3

Reviewer: Malcolm Lu

Date: 16th Dec 2015

Well Folks, as promised here is the ever promised EVA Air "Hello Kitty" Inflight review, here just in time to end of 2015 with some nice cute colourful imagery. EVA Air currently has 7 "Hello Kitty" Livery jets in service. The one which operated the BR215-216 route (TPE-SIN-TPE) is the newest of the 7, B-16722, a B777-300ER named "Shining Star". If you all recall, we did a review on the normal EVA Air flight a month or 2 ago, and some of the cons raised in that review, well are no longer cons in this one. You see, B-16722 being one of the latest in the EVA fleet, is equipped with the latest interior finishings and seat designs.

The new Gen features a darker, cooler interior colour scheme, giving the cabin a modern stylistic feel all over. Seats are less bulkier, with the same inclination as previous gen. Leg room feels wider than before though that could just be the new seats and darker colours creating the effect of wider space. Now all this isn't really a big deal as you might say. Well I find that it is a big deal as it adds to the travel experience visually as well as physically. But onto something that everyone loves, and thats the IFE. EVA Air's new IFE system is simply put, amazing !

Gone are the old low res fat panels with seat rested remote controls, and in with these new High Tech babies, with a very accurate and sensitive touch screen system. Oh did I mention, gone too are your seat arm rest buttons. Yes, no more "Light | Attendant" buttons or remote control on your arm rest. Goodbye to accidentally calling the attendant or turning on the reading light when ever you lean in on your arm rest. Where did they go? Well its all on the IFE system. You control the reading light and other features via the touch screen system. Whats more, they've gone a further step, reducing on printing Inflight Meal Menus in favour of a digital menu system. Also, EVA Air's Skyshop (Inflight Duty Free) sales is also available via the touch screen system, but you can only use the IFE Screen Store for long haul flights. Of course you can still make your orders via the conventional way, or online which is what I did for my flight. Watching moves on the new IFE was enjoyable, having nice clear images and good quality sound. On the note of Inflight Duty Free, when you buy items on the Hello Kitty Flight, the items are given to you in a nice Hello Kitty reusable bag. I highly suggest you buy something and you can keep the bag for your kids / girlfriend. 

Gone are the old low res fat