Japan Airlines

JL38 (SIN - HND)

Plane Type: Boeing 777-246ER

Registry: JA705J

Class: Premium Economy

Seat: 18K

Layout: 2x4x2

Reviewer: Malcolm Lu

Date: Nov 1st, 2018


Recently, my company organized a work incentive trip to Japan, for which I had to cover photography for our distributors. I was excited to hear that we were flying on Japan Airlines from Singapore to Tokyo Haneda, as this would be my first time flying with the Airline. I have heard much wonderful feedback with regards to JAL's product & services, so I was filled with eager anticipation for this trip.

The food quality and service was good, with the standard economy class servings of 1 appetizer, bread, a small fruit bowl, dessert and a main course. As compared with 5 years ago, it has definitely improved. 

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As compared with my previous experiences on China Airlines, the flight experience has changed a lot over the last 5 years. Besides a new plane and new cabin features, the flight crew uniforms have changed, as well as their service standards have gotten better. The only thing that affected my journey was the bad turbulence we suffered along the way. It was really quite bad, and though no fault of the airline and crew, did hamper the mood for this flight. I hope my next flight with China Airlines will go smoothly and would love to try their premium economy class as well! Till next time :)


Cheers folks!



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